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"I own 5 rental properties – 3 of which are vacation rentals along Florida's emerald coast. In my business, it is very important to keep vacancies to an absolute minimum – because I have a perishable product along with high and low seasons.
For almost a year, I searched the internet to find someone who could manage my Social Media sites. Just 1 or 2 extra weeks – not going vacant – makes a huge difference in my bottom line. I finally found Erin Haight. I could not be happier with her independent management of my accounts. There is no doubt that my bookings have increased in the short time she has been on board.
I do not have the time…nor the expertise…to manage my Social Media. Yet, in today's environment – I find if you do not keep up with these accounts, clients do not find you a viable business. Erin has answered that missing link in my business. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with her work and recommend her highly."-Susan Knapp Owner of Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals
— PCB (Property Owner
I am so pleased with how Erin Haight Media has improved my business' progress in the Social Media world; especially with Facebook and LinkedIn. She is constantly coming up with fresh content and knows exactly how to send the correct marketing message on what I am trying to convey to the community.
Thank you Erin!
— V.H. (Owner

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