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Welcome To Erin Haight Media!

Popular? Doesn't really pay the bills does it?! Profitable? Now that is an idea I can get behind. And, can I be honest with you? This may not win me many friends BUT sometimes, I think business owners spend way too much time behind their computers trying to curate business through social media rather than focus on their ACTUAL business and team.
Sad truth is this isn't getting us any Friday paydays in return for the countless hours we spend at our desks or on our phones.
Social media courses are all too common these days but the truth is it doesn't matter if you have a TON of followers on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.
What I really want to see is that every new follower gets you closer to a more impactful business. THEN you become more free to step away from the computer and spend time with people you love in real life. (**cue happy dance**)
Want to spend more time with your customers, staff and family? Let me and my team help you with monitor and manage your social media accounts so that you can get back to what's important...YOUR business and start seeing some ROI on your investment.
Email me TODAY at erinhaightmedia@yahoo.com or message me here and let's chat!
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Erin Haight Media Inc. is a social media management/consultancy agency helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential online.

About Erin

Hi! My name is Erin. I was born and raised in California and am a Cali girl through and through! I currently live in the beautiful “Peach State” of Georgia and am loving it. In March of 2012 I decided to take my passion for fashion/makeup, home decor, cooking and other general fun “stuff” and combine that with my journalistic background to create this blog. Here you can find ideas and inspiration for weeknight dinners, home decor, DIY projects, and outfits of the day with links to budget friendly and splurge versions of each item!