4 Ways to Outsmart Food Cravings

4 Ways to Outsmart Food Cravings


Face it, we’ve ALL been there. One minute, your just doin your thing and the next BOOM you’re FULL BLOWN in the clutches of a nasty craving for a cupcake or a spoon and a gallon tub of Nutella (just me….??). Before ya know it, you’re in the fetal position of the bathroom floor regretting your lack of discipline.

Here are a few questions that nutritionists say to ask yourself the next time the urge for a double chocolate chunk fudge brownie with a mess of vanilla ice cream hits ya:

Are you stressed out?

Have you been eating less than usual?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you a creature of habit?

Every time one of those cravings pops in your head (and mouth!) stop and think then picture a healthy image (for me a colorful plate of veggies and fruit seems to do the trick). After a while, they say, your brain will forget about the image and the cravings will go away. Let me know your tips and tricks for battling those gnarly food cravings as we stroll down the path to healthier choices. See what I’m doing to be healthier right here!