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Social Media Marketing

Help your business gain awareness within the community. At Erin Haight Media, we can help you gain the exposure needed to successfully get your word out there!

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Blog Marketing

Discover relevant blog topics through research about your business. Compose blog articles that are published to your website (if a blog is enabled). Use proper SEO techniques and best practices to increase the effectiveness of each blog.

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Analysis & Planning

Examine and evaluate your overall social media strategy and effectiveness.
Provide detailed recommendations for your business on how to optimize and improve your current strategy across all platforms.
Compare your company’s social presence to similar companies in the same area or niche.

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Website Design Consultation

We partner with Vibrant Web Creations, our local website designer of choice if you need help with your website.

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At Erin Haight Media, we strive to bring your fullest potential out by showcasing your products or services through the most effective type of marketing media platforms available to date.

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Help me out friends! @mallory1712 (help? 😎) https://t.co/iI166hOYKU">https://t.co/MoJ8ydfwxL vote for me! @mallory1712 (help? 😎) https://t.co/iI166hOYKU
6 months ago
Top 5 @netflix binge worthy shows + food to go with all my favs: https://t.co/GvzJo0lYb7 #netflix #foodie… https://t.co/dBTZUVigPA
7 months ago
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Story.of.my.Life!! 🙋🏼 ...

Come back 😭

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I love days like this when we all get together at the office, brainstorm, free form, and most importantly laugh.

They say one of the keys to a successful entrepreneurship is to surround yourself with people who have the same goals, same ambition, and same sense of humor! Your ride or dies...... I heart this team so much!

Who is in your "inner circle"? Tag them below......

#RideorDie #innercircle #digitalcollective #bffs #entreprenuer #businessowners #smallbusiness #smallbiz #supportlocalbusiness #pinewoodstudiosatlanta

We believe the best businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs are those who do what they do for the impact they're able to have. Not for the money they make or the recognition they can achieve. This team right here wants to make sure more entrepreneurs know how to use their values and voice and story to market themselves online. We want to demystify social media, video production, and websites and make it all easy to navigate because you're an artist, baker, writer, designer, realtor, coach, photographer, maker, or shop owner - not a social media strategist. That's why we do what we do! We are so honored to be a part of your life and we welcome any and all questions!! We are here for YOU! Left Digital Media Vibrant Web Creations Erin Haight Media #DigitalCollective #Socialmedia #BusinessBranding #digitalmarketing #leftdigitalmedia #vibrantwebcreations #erinhaightmedia #smallbusiness #smallbiz #entrepreneurs

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So many of my clients say to me, "Erin, I am just not getting the likes on Facebook that I KNOW I should be, what am I doing wrong?"

Here's the deal friends, I will NEVER tell you that you need more likes. Its just not true! I always tell my clients that it is WAY more important for you to gain connections than likes.

Those connections, those people who are truly engaged in you will become customers. It is human nature to be nosey and people, aka potential customers want ownership in you. They want to know YOUR story; where are you from?, what did you do before you did what you do now?, what are your likes and dislikes?, and so on.

Don't focus so much on the likes (Sally Field anyone? "You like me, you really like me!") because of course they do or they wouldn't be there, but its our job to tell them why they like you and keep them coming back for more!

#connectionsnotlikes #socialmediatip #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatipfotheday #tellyourstory #businessbranding

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  • Craft creative posts with engaging language that encourages fans to like, comment, and share your content.
  • Create beautiful photos, find engaging videos, and share informative articles.
  • Optimize post timing and frequency for maximum impact and reach.


  • Create posts (“tweets”) on interesting topics related to your business.
  • Use links, hashtags, and photos to encourage interaction and followers on Twitter.
  • Find the right tweets to share (“retweet”) based off of who tweeted it and how the tweet can benefit your followers.

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  • Post creative Instagram updates that have quality, eye-catching images and engaging text.
  • Use smart hashtags to draw attention to your updates.
  • Interact with businesses and users on Instagram through likes, comments, and reposts (shares).

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  • Create an attractive and informative profile page for your business.
  • Compose posts and updates that are relevant to your company’s niche or industry.
  • Respond to comments and create an attractive presence for potential employees.

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